Exhibition of photography by my grandfather — Moi Ver (Moshe Vorobeichic / Moshe Raviv) opens at Centre Pompidou

A comprehensive retrospective of works by my grandfather — Moshe Vorobeichic (who worked under the name of Moi Ver and later Moshe Raviv) is now open at the Centre Pompidou in Paris! The exhibition focuses on his groundbreaking photographic work, including his pioneering use of photo-montage. Many of these works were published in his books "Paris," "The Ghetto Lane in Vilna," and "Ci-Contre" (the latter work only seeing publication posthumously); however, the exhibition also includes many unpublished works, and includes some of his graphic design work carried out in Israel (then Palestine). The exhibition runs through August 28, 2023, and after that will go to Warsaw and Tel Aviv!