No scientific quest is as compelling as the search for the elusive “Theory of Everything” – a theory so concise it could fit on a T-shirt. Universe on a T-Shirt tells the fascinating story of that quest, from its roots in ancient Greece to the breakthroughs of Newton, Maxwell, and Einstein, to the excitement over string theory and today’s efforts to merge quantum theory with general relativity. Lively and accessible, Dan Falk’s book is filled with quirky personalities, brilliant minds, and bold ideas – high science and high drama brought to life by one of Canada’s favorite science writers.

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Review Excerpts

The Globe and Mail

“Falk delivers a readable, entertaining and fresh take on the subject. Most significant, he has achieved something original: More cleverly and cleanly than anything I can recall reading, the book itself unifies the story of the search for unifying principles in science… Falk fleshes out the social backgrounds and personalities of the scientists, adding elements of color and drama to this already compelling story…”

American Scientist

“A highly accessible introduction to some tough and important physics.”

The Gazette (Montreal)

“This book is an excellent introduction to the logic of science and the frontiers of physics. Falk makes even the difficult concepts clear, if not easy, and his sense of humor keeps the story moving.”

Toronto Star

“If you want to understand what the theorists are up to and how they got there, Universe on a T-shirt is the place to start.”


“A lucid historical overview of the search for a single set of equations to describe all of physical reality.”


Universe on a T-Shirt was the winner of the 2002 Science in Society Journalism Award from the Canadian Science Writers’ Association, as well as the John and Margaret Savage First Book Award, part of the Atlantic Book Awards.